Non Surgical Spinal Problems

Joseph P. Mullane, MD

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Non-surgical spinal problems are issues with your spine that likely do not require surgery to make a full recovery. At his private practice in Hamilton Square, New Jersey, Joseph Mullane, MD, creates personalized non-surgical treatment plans to either prepare you for back surgery or help you avoid surgery altogether. To request a consultation for neck pain, back pain, or failed back surgery syndrome, call the office of Joseph Mullane, MD, which is near the Hamilton and Robbinsville neighborhoods, or use the online booking feature today.

Non Surgical Spinal Problems Q & A

What are non-surgical spinal problems?

Non-surgical spinal problems can range from somewhat mild to relatively severe. If your spinal issues cause intense pain, surgery may be a possibility. Dr. Mullane prioritizes non-surgical treatments for back pain or neck pain to either help you prepare for spine surgery or help you avoid it altogether.

Dr. Mullane also specializes in managing failed back surgery syndrome with non-surgical procedures and therapies. Failed back surgery syndrome happens when your back pain either returns or just doesn’t go away after you undergo spinal surgery to address it. 

Most spinal issues are treatable without surgery, but some can worsen enough over time that surgery becomes inevitable. While they aren’t the only tools for diagnosis and treatment planning, Dr. Mullane often uses X-rays and other imaging tests to broadly evaluate your spinal problem and ensure that treatments are safe and effective. 

Dr. Mullane also prioritizes your input when it comes to your treatment plan and knows that a one-size-fits-all solution is not the best option. He takes the time to plan your treatment and helps you prepare effectively for each procedure.

What are some treatments for non-surgical spinal problems?

Non-surgical treatments for spinal issues are almost always effective in treating mild to moderate and even some severe spinal problems, or at least reducing the chances of complications. Some treatments prevent further issues, while others help heal current issues. 

Dr. Mullane creates an individualized non-surgical spinal issue treatment plan, which may include:

You come in for follow-up appointments with Dr. Mullane throughout your treatment. Treatments like prolotherapy require several rounds, so you see Dr. Mullane regularly throughout your care. During each appointment, he assesses your progress with a physical exam and encourages you to bring up any new or worsening symptoms and concerns.

How should I care for my spinal issues at home?

Home care for spinal issues is often just as important as the clinical non-surgical treatments you get during your office visits. Using the following techniques and considerations, you can experience the best possible outcome from clinical treatment and reduce your risk for future back pain:

  • Heat and ice therapy
  • Gentle stretches
  • Warm-ups before a workout
  • Weight loss
  • Smoking cessation
  • Maintaining good posture

Dr. Mullane can give you other, more specific suggestions according to the details of your personal and professional life, especially if your job or exercise routine puts you at a higher risk for spinal issues than the general population. 

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