Minor Surgical Procedures

Joseph P. Mullane, MD

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A minor surgery might sound like an ordeal with planning and lots of aftercare. However, most of them are available in the office with little or no recovery time. Joseph Mullane, MD, offers minor surgeries like biopsies, cyst removal, and foreign body removal at his private practice in Hamilton Square, New Jersey. To request one, call the office near the Hamilton and Robbinsville neighborhoods or use the online booking tool today.

Minor Surgical Procedures Q & A

What are minor surgical procedures?

Minor surgical procedures are small-scale surgeries that Dr. Mullane performs in his office regularly. Some minor surgical procedures are diagnostic tools, while others are the start-to-finish treatment for lesions, growths, or injuries. 

Minor surgical procedures only reach superficial tissues, so Dr. Mullane doesn’t need to manipulate any muscles, bones, or organs that are often at risk of damage, or must be repaired, during other surgeries. 

Which minor surgical procedure do I need?

As a sports and family medicine specialist, Dr. Mullane can perform a diverse set of minor surgical procedures in his private practice. Depending on your complication or concern and its severity, he might recommend:


If you have an unusual or new lesion on your skin, Dr. Mullane can test the tissue in it using a skin biopsy. To do this, he removes a sample of cells directly from the lesion. Examining it in a lab, he can detect cancerous cells or certain noncancerous diseases.

Cyst removal

Cyst removal is a minor surgery that typically doesn’t take more than half an hour. A cyst is a sac full of dead skin cells and bacteria that can form anywhere on your body. 

Abscess incision and drainage

An abscess is an area or pocket of infected tissue. Dr. Mullane sanitizes the area before making an incision in the abscess and draining its contents. He then dresses the wound and may prescribe antibiotics so you don’t get another infection after your abscess drainage. 

Foreign body removal

If you have a particularly severe splinter or a piece of glass or metal embedded in your skin, it’s probably at risk of causing an infection. With a minor surgical procedure, Dr. Mullane can clean and remove it safely. 

Do minor surgical procedures hurt?

Even though they don’t require general anesthesia like major surgeries, which renders you unconscious, minor surgeries can be painful without some form of numbing medication. 

At his office, Dr. Mullane offers local anesthesia for minor surgeries that would otherwise be too painful. He injects the numbing agent into the area before treatment and gives it some time to kick in before he starts your minor surgical procedure.

Minor surgical procedures might sound intimidating, but they require little or no downtime and have very few potential complications like major surgery. To request your consultation for a minor surgical procedure, call Joseph Mullane, MD, or use the online booking feature today.